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The local church members on the peninsula are passionate about bringing the Cross to their neighbours and their plans involve taking Willy Ramos to a number of schools in their community where he can share his testimony...

IntraVic has shared some of the plans the dedicated members the Mornington Peninsula Fellowship, who meet at the Rosebud Youth and Band Hall, have for their local community.  They are determined, not just to grow their church, but to help meet the unique needs of their neighbours in this constantly changing community.

To this end, they applied for and received Global Mission funding from the South Pacific Division, enabling them to employ a young man, Callum Stanford, who has been conducting a survey in which people have the opportunity to tell the church what they would like or need from it, in addition to building up an online presence within the community, particularly appealing to the youth in the region.

The Fellowship have tried a number of projects, learning what works and what doesn’t.  This year they facilitated a 12 week program targeting diabetes, and recently hosted a pos-program reunion.  An average of 14 people had attended the weekly meetings, eight of whom were from the local community.  At the reunion they reported back on their successes in weight loss and its ensuing changes to their diabetes and other health issues.  Some of their doctors wanted to refer patients to the next program!

Another unique need the Fellowship have become aware of is that of the local indigenous community which at the 2011 census was over 1000 strong.  Due in part to westernisation, many of their children are losing touch with their heritage and it is hoped that through contacts made with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ministries, some of their stories told through ATSIM’s regular publication may help connect these families with their past.

As part of this plan as well as the plan to reach out to young people in general, the Fellowship has liaised with Steve Piez from the Australian Union Conference, to bring an Aboriginal pastor to the peninsula, and with VicYouth to bring Willy Ramos, who together will visit the local state schools during the first week in September, sharing their stories with all the students.  Those who were privileged to hear Willy preach at Big Camp, will be familiar with his story of life on the streets in a gang, and of God’s miraculous intervention and continuing love and support, with every story he shared leading his listeners to the foot of the cross.

The week will conclude with a Mornington Peninsula Youth Rally.

This project is not without some opposition.  So we ask that you pray that the school doors will be opened and the Spirit will move on the hearts of all the young people attending the schools where Willy will be sharing the love of Christ.


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