• Beating the Black Dog

    Beating the Black Dog

    Point Cook church members recently hosted a four part series on understanding depression, facilitated by Pr Andrew Kapusi
  • ...To the Cross

    ...To the Cross

    The local church members on the peninsula are passionate about bringing the Cross to their neighbours and their plans involve taking Willy Ramos to a number of schools in their community where he can share his testimony...
  • Mini Camporee

    Mini Camporee

    Mini Camporee was a huge success and VicYouth shared the experience with neighbouring South Australia
  • Departmental Overview pt 2

    Departmental Overview pt 2

    This month we are looking at Trust Services, Finance, Education and ADRA in this series that explores what the departments of our conference do for us at the local church level.
  • Media Release

    Media Release

    Please take note of important changes...
  • Pavilions Blackburn Lake

    Pavilions Blackburn Lake

    Progress steadily continues on the Pavilions project, as the Conference works to deliver on the development vision.
  • Open Homes

    Open Homes

    During early June, thousands of Adventists across Australia will open their homes and reach out to their communities. Are you interested in joining the Open Home movement?
  • Constituency Meeting

    Constituency Meeting

    Notice is hereby given...
  • Welcome to our new staff

    Welcome to our new staff

    This edition we would like to introduce you to more of the new faces in our Victorian Conference.
  • my*mission


    This year during Big Camp at Elmore, staff from Gilson College volunteered their time to raise funds for the education of young people in Myanmar by cooking and serving food at the my* mission café.
  • Saving Lives... One footstep at a time

    Saving Lives... One footstep at a time

    Committed people from around Melbourne’s churches got together early one cold Sunday morning, to walk around Lysterfield lake...
  • Congratulations


    The Pakenham Church community is celebrating God's blessings as they worship in their long awaited new church building.
  • Unchained


    Unchained - a Christian series like you’ve never seen before
  • A Beautiful New Birth

    A Beautiful New Birth

    Congratulations Melissa and welcome to our church
  • Christ lifted up

    Christ lifted up

    Church members of Carrum Downs saw Christ truly uplifted at a well-attended week long event
  • Camp Meeting - AMM style!

    Camp Meeting - AMM style!

    AMM and friends 'camped out' at Jumbanna, for a time of fellowship and sharing of stories and testimonies.
  • Until We Meet Again

    Until We Meet Again

    Petro and Tabu will be sorely missed by their adoptive church family and we wish them all the best as they return home
  • VicYouth


    summer camp snaps....
  • Education News

    Education News

    ASVAC, Google, awards and more...
  • ADRA News

    ADRA News

    update on news from ADRA, with an exciting Australia Day report
  • Baptisms at the Beach

    Baptisms at the Beach

    Congratulations to Cherrine and George on your baptisms. May God bless you and keep you on your journey
  • Connect with Thousands

    Connect with Thousands

    Weet-Bix Tryathlon... a great opportunity to get involved and reach out to people
  • Ordaining Fraser

    Ordaining Fraser

    Congratulations to Pr Fraser Catton, on your ordination earlier this year.
  • Open Home

    Open Home

    How did the Christian Church go from a small group of obscure peasants to the whole known world within a century?
  • Did You Know...

    Did You Know...

    ...that persecution is rising faster in Asia than anywhere else?
  • To Bring Back New

    To Bring Back New

    Pr Andrew Jasper now has three roles at the office: Health, SS and Personal Ministries. Lets have a look at his plans...
  • CHEP graduation 2016

    CHEP graduation 2016

    Late last year saw the annual graduation for CHEP trainees
  • Yarra Ranges Update

    Yarra Ranges Update

    You may have heard by now of what could be described as the most significant decision made by the AdventCare Board in 2016...
  • Changing the Guard

    Changing the Guard

    With the introduction of AdSAFE by the Division, Safe Place Services Coordinator, Sue Mercer, will no longer be working in this role. So we say "Thank You" to Sue, for her tireless efforts in the years she have been undertaking this role.
  • Introducing AdSAFE

    Introducing AdSAFE

    AdSAFE Ltd is the new service for protecting children and vulnerable adults in Adventist organisations across the South Pacific Division.


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