Guest Editorial

Just sending you that recap I'd promised about some of the great things I witnessed this year at Summer Camp. What a blessed 3 weeks!

 In junior camp I had the honour of being counsellor to five girls - three of whom this was the first experience of Jesus or Christianity.

 Right from the get-go these girls were so excited and happy to be there. Although a lot of what we did was new and strange, they didn't hesitate to take part and get involved. Before coming to camp, the word “God” was just a curse word, and they didn't know what prayer was. It was an incredible journey and an absolute privilege to be a part of what God was doing in these girls' lives.

 Each evening we would have worship with the whole camp. My girls loved every minute of it. Every day I would ask them what their favourite part of camp was and every day they would reply "worship" (or 'workship' as one of them called it. 

 But I think the most special moments occurred each night during cabin worship. We would all sit down in a circle on the floor and discuss the messages we'd just heard. Everything was new.  Classic Bible stories I've heard since before I could talk were unheard of to these girls. They loved hearing from the Bible, and one night in particular we read a whole chunk of Genesis. They had many questions, like "Why did they have to hurt Jesus?" That question in particular started a whole conversation about Adam and Eve, the first sin, and how the penalty of sin is death, but that Jesus took that penalty for us.

 Although hesitant at first about prayer, by the end of camp you wouldn't be able to keep them quiet if you tried!

 I gave my Bible to one of the girls on the last night of worship - and you should have seen her face light up. That whole night she was clutching it close and didn't put it down once. It was so special to see!

 All three weeks were such a blessing and it was an honour to witness some of the amazing things God did this year.

Have a fantastic Sabbath,

Mariah Reed



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